A good portion of my childhood memories were impacted significantly by the animated movies directed by Hayao Miyazaki, then a co-founder at Studio Ghibli. I remember being a Korean-American girl growing up and being excited to have female lead characters I could relate to in the movies I watched. Hayao Miyzaki was my Walt Disney.

It was (and still is) so easy to get lost in the beautiful worlds and character stories that Miyazaki created, oftentimes drawing-by-drawing. My hope with this data visualization is to give others at least a taste of the wonderful immersion into these worlds that I experienced growing up. By clicking the buttons at the bottom of this page, several things will happen - the title and year of the page will change, along with the background image and music, to fit whichever movie you selected. Additionally, The circle on the graph will relocate itself according to the worldwide gross revenue generated by the movie (x-axis), the average rating of the movie on IMDB (y-axis), and the number of awards the movie has won (signified by the circle radius). Hovering over the circles will generate a tooltip with the specific data values. The data set I used for this project was created by me using data from IMDB. I only included movies marked as "directed" by Miyazaki.

Please feel free to sit back and immerse yourself!