Dell Tech World

A variety of visuals, including mobile app interfaces, banners, homepage heroes, kinetic text promotional videos, storyboards, Snapchat filters and graphics, created to promote Dell Technologies World.

During my six-month co-op at Dell, I was tasked with creating a wide array of visual assets, from an animated text promotional video, to website hero images, to mobile app prototypes and assets. The website hero images and web banners were particularly challenging because Dell Technologies World was undergoing a full re-brand at the time, which consisted of a complete change of color palette, logo and slogan. As a result, I had to heavily familiarize myself with ways of altering old event photographs in Adobe Photoshop to fit the new branding.

My favorite project while at Dell was co-managing the redesign of the Dell Technologies World mobile application. Dell had just changed mobile app vendors and my manager was quite busy with other projects at the time, so I was able to largely take the reigns myself and design entire pages and the assets to go on those pages to send to the backend developers. I also coded all of the content pages of the app myself using HTML5. I utilized Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for the UI design and individual assets, respectively.

You can find a sampling of the mobile app interface, initial prototypes, before-and-after photo carousel, kinetic text animated video and storyboards shared with Dell's external creative team below.

  • — category: UX/UI, animation
  • — company: Dell
  • — year: 2018
  • — for: Dell Tech World 2018