Grimms' Fairy Tales

A full redesign and new typesetting of a classic collection of stories. Click here to buy a copy or preview this novel.

For the final project in my Typography lab, we were asked to typeset and design covers for 40 pages of a novel of our choosing. The literature was pulled from Project Gutenberg's archives, and thus were all in the public domain and available for use by all.

The novel I chose to typeset was Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm. I chose this work for a few reasons: (1) I had always wanted to read these darker originals of our modern-day fairy tales; (2) I thought it would be interesting to typeset a collection of short stories as opposed to a traditional novel; and (3) I felt that the dark and fantastical nature of the stories would translate well into an intriguing book cover.

I can thank this class, and especially this project, for making me comfortable with Adobe InDesign and its versatility. I learned not only about typesetting for both readability and beauty but also how to design engaging graphics solely with text as your medium (we were not allowed to use anything but text in any of our projects, including the book covers). I can also thank this class for instilling a great appreciation and love of typography in me, which I have carried on into all of my other design projects.

Although we were only asked to typeset the first 40 pages of our selected books, I got a little carried away and wanted my own full, custom hard copy - so I completed the whole book! You can find an interactive PDF of the entire book below. Click the "expand" arrows (rightmost of the top icons) to view the book full screen and full quality, with a page scrollbar function.

  • — category: information design
  • — class: typography
  • — year: 2019
  • — for: final project