Meet Your Next Team

Animations and graphics used in transit stations, web banners and onsite prints to promote a Draper hiring event.

Prior to creating the Hack the Moon animations and graphics, one of my major projects at Draper was to create a wide assortment of promotional graphics and animations for both print and digital placements promoting a last-minute hiring event. I had about a week's worth of turn-around time to produce all of these assets, and worked with my manager to name the campaign and decide on what to highlight. The work I produced included several social media animations, optimized to the specifications of each platform; a three-panel animation and a one-panel graphic that was run in several of Boston/Cambridge MBTA stations; graphics that were used for posters and print materials; and a vast array of web banners in different sizes to be used in sponsored slots on partner websites such as PBS.

I used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop to create these visuals. The Motion Monkey plug-in was used for the text in the animated assets to expedite the animation process.

You can find examples of the web and print materials below as well as the animation run at Boston transit stations. Additionally, the first photo below was taken at the hiring event and shows the substantial turn-out.

  • — category: animation, branding
  • — company: Draper
  • — year: 2019
  • — for: engineer hiring effort