NASA Proposal Cover

A cover design for a lunar lander proposal from Draper to NASA, specifically for their Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.

I worked across departments with the Space Systems Program Manager at Draper to design this proposal cover. The Program Manager specifically wanted to evoke Draper's long-standing relationship and history working alongside NASA on previous ground-breaking space programs, including the Apollo program. To this end, I made sure to incorporate line drawings from the Apollo era, integrated with the new 3D rendering of a potential CLPS lander created by my team's industrial designers. At the same time, I needed to make sure I included the necessary text for formal program proposals, all while staying within Draper's branding guidelines.

When designing a cover for a proposal requesting significant resources and inclusion in such a monumental program, it was important to create something eye-catching but also polished and professional. Additionally, this proposal was to be considered by NASA among a number of others, and usually not much thought was put into the design of the covers. Differentiating Draper's proposal with their cover design therefore was a strategic branding move as well.

  • — category: information design
  • — company: Draper
  • — year: 2019
  • — for: CLPS lander proposal