You on the Moon

A custom interface produced and implemented in the Hack the Moon LIVE exhibit - part of Draper's Apollo 50th year-long campaign & celebration.

As part of my work for Draper's Hack the Moon campaign, I was in charge of creating a custom interface for a photo booth that would be included in the Hack the Moon LIVE exhibit. I produced each of the screens as carefully layered InDesign documents, which I then converted to .PSD files to be compatible with the LA Photo Party software. LA Photo Party then directly used these files as each of the screens for the UI. I also provided them with custom animations for the countdown clock and adjust screens, which I created in After Effects, as well as layered .PSD's for the poster options.

On the day of the grand opening of the exhibit, I was so excited to see people lining up to use the photo booth (you can see a photo of a line from opening day below - I have blurred out people's faces for privacy). It solidified the fact that ultimately the field of design I want to be a part of is UI/UX design - I just love producing something that people can physically interact with and invest themselves in.

You can view a screenshot of the photo booth's home screen featuring all of the poster options I created, as well as interact with the finished prototype below. If you ever get lost on what you should click next, simply click anywhere on the screen and the hotspots will be revealed!

  • — category: UX/UI
  • — company: Draper
  • — year: 2019
  • — for: Apollo 50th campaign