A collaborative isometric product animation illustrating a new mental health technology.

Draper is a non-profit R&D organization in Cambridge that produces solutions for industries ranging from space to biomedical. During my time there on the Strategic Communication team, I was asked to take over the production of an animated informational video about Draper's SysteMD technology. SysteMD is a multimodal technology that records quantifiable, physiological responses from mental health patients. Our specific goal was to create a fresh and fun version of a pre-existing video, which had mainly consisted of generic stock footage of doctors and patients. You can find a portion of the final video below with all of the scenes I worked on.

This animation was created primarily in Adobe After Effects with the help of the Motion Monkey and Type Monkey plug-ins. I created the rotating 3D cloud in the last isometric scene with Cinema 4D.

I value the skills I learned while working on this project, particularly the collaborative design skills and the insight into smooth project hand-offs. I also learned many best practices from my coworker about believable interpolation, and strategies to work on animations more efficiently. Unfortunately, we were not able to hire a voice actor to record a new voice-over, so the audio is a bit awkward in places - but I do believe we accomplished our goal of creating fresh and fun visuals to simplify a relatively complex technology.

  • — category: animation
  • — company: Draper
  • — year: 2019
  • — for: updated product video