Trace Detective

Crack the case during this multi-stage, ten-minute mystery game coded in Java.

TRACE is a narrative, three-stage interactive detective game involving GUI sound manipulation, a "magnifying glass" using an image mask and two versions of the same image (normal and magnified) and a "flashlight" using a pixelated background image. The user's mission is to figure out two answers: (1) the 4-digit keycode, found by using boolean buttons and ControlP5 knobs to manipulate SoundFiles; and (2) the two-word password, found by using an image mask to "magnify" the pages of a book. If the user successfully completes these tasks and enters them correctly into the textFields, their final task is to find the hidden button within a room that they view through the illumination of a "flashlight", made possible by a loadPixels() function run on the background room PImage. Each of the 15 game states has a custom PImage background screen and/or graphics as well as either static or dynamic text features where game information and interaction can be found. The user will mainly use the ENTER key to advance and the DELETE key on select screens to return to state = 0. Their mission must be completed within 10 minutes (kept track of by a GUI timer attached to their cursor), or else the Game Over state will activate.

I used Processing 3.0 to code and run this short game. Contact me for code examples, user stories, game demos and other inquiries.

  • — category: coding
  • — class: programming for design
  • — year: 2018
  • — for: final project