My final data visualization and interactive experience for a visualization technologies class. Visit the experience here.

During my time as an undergraduate at Northeastern, I had the opportunity to take a graduate-level visualization technologies course. In this class, I used the d3.js library to pull from public datasets of my choosing and create interactive visualizations. I used this javascript library in conjunction with HTML and CSS and ran a simple local server using python commands to create these experiences.

For my final project (screenshot shown below), my goal was to create an immersive experience for the user that would expose them to all of my favorite childhood Miyazaki movies by letting them change the data, soundtrack and background based on each movie title. I also focused on making animations and transitions smooth and seamless. You can test out this experience here.

  • — category: coding
  • — class: visualization technologies
  • — year: 2019
  • — for: final project