the first syllable of yoona
means "sleek" (潤) in Sino-Korean.

Hi, my name is Kiley. I'm a Boston-based
designer with a background in UX,
research, visual design and
animation. Welcome to my portfolio!

I am currently a UX generalist working in the FinTech industry, as well as a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology pursuing an M.S. in Human Computer Interaction. Prior to beginning my graduate degree, I graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University's Honors College, with a B.S. in Interactive Media & Marketing. My passion lies in the UX research and design industry, and I pride myself on being a versatile UX generalist. I am fascinated by HCI and driven by the motivation of building seamlessly intuitive experiences by integrating user testing and research to make people's lives easier. You can view my full resume here.

My legal name is now Kiley; however, my original name given at birth in South Korea was Yoona. Although I have grown to love my "American" name, "Yoona" represents my roots, and I connect both its phonetics and its presentation typographically with my design style.

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ux  /  ui  /  prototyping  /  animation  /  user research
marketing  /  project management  /  brand development  /  figma
d3.js  /  html  /  css  /  information design  /  data visualization

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