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Hi, I'm Kiley Choi — Yoona is my Korean name — and UX has become a way of life for me! I am constantly thinking about and applying the UX perspective & approach in my professional, academic, and personal journeys.

In terms of professonial experience, I have a track record of success in UX generalist roles, where I executed end-to-end UX design processes to improve existing products and create new ones. I have also spent the last ~2 years specializing in UX research (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, oh my!). Scroll down for a history of my employers!

In terms of academic experience, I graduated with a M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction from Rochester Institute of Technology, where I gained a wealth of knowledge in subjects like cognitive behavior and psychology, advanced end-to-end user experience design, a variety of user experience approaches, and advanced user research methodologies and analysis. Prior to that, I graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Interactive Media (basically, what they were calling "User Experience" at the time) and Marketing from Northeastern University.

Finally, in my day-to-day existence, I have used my UX skills to problem solve, empathize, mediate, plan, and make informed decisions to improve my life and the lives of those around me. To say I live and breathe UX would be 100% accurate — UX is not just a profession for me, it's a way of thinking that I genuinely believe in and am passionate about.

Professional experience

A variety of industries


Job Title



January 2022 — present

AVP, Senior UX Researcher; Intermediate UX Researcher

Morgan Stanley

July 2021 — September 2021

UX Designer (Contract)

Upstage CRM

June 2020 — December 2021

Senior UX Analyst / UX Designer

E*TRADE (acquired by Morgan Stanley)

January 2019 — July 2019

Strategic Communications Co-op

Draper Labs

January 2017 — June 2017

Global Experiential Marketing Co-op

Dell Technologies

Skills & tools

A versatile skillset

HTML, CSS, & js familiarity
After Effects (Animation)
R for UX research
UX research tools
Adobe Suite (visual design)
Agile tools
Accessibility expertise

In my down time...

Me & my "team"

In my spare time, I love attending live music shows, taking care of my two cats, trying new restaurants, editing media, writing, reading, traveling (while avoiding all things tourist-y), playing video games, and hiking!

Me (Kiley)

Team leader


Manager of calming me down

Ruby & Will

Managers of stressing me out


Want some more details?

You can view some more details about my skills and past experiences in my resume.

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