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Motion Graphics, Visual Design, UI Design

Hack the Moon


Design Lead


Jan 2019


Jul 2019

Draper Labs


Design spotlight

One of my main assignments during my 7-month co-op at Draper in Cambridge was to design a variety of assets for their Hack the Moon campaign. That year (2019) was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, and the campaign's purpose was to inspire the next generation of engineers by highlighting the stories of the people involved in the Apollo missions. The design products I delivered were used to fill a multitude of different placements, from animated three-panel digital boards in Boston's heavily trafficked transit stations, to homepage heroes on Draper's website, to targeted paid media posts, to interactive photo booths. One of my animations comparing the Saturn V rocket to SpaceX's Falcon Heavy even made it into Boston Magazine!

(This is a design spotlight rather than a case study — if you have questions about my process or would just like to chat in more detail about this project, feel free to contact me via the links on this site!)