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User Experience Design

Strong background in end-to-end digital product/UX design

User Interface Design

Skilled at UI design with direct design systems experience

User Research

Specialized research experience — both quantitative & qualitative

my values

UX as a vessel for positive change

Equity & accessibility

Technology has the power to combat societal inequities and give people capabilities that might not have been a reality for them previously. The design of these technologies can make or break how effective they actually are in accomplishing positive change, and I have always kept this in mind as a designer.

Research-driven decisions

We design for humans, and humans change over time — so assuming we have all the expertise we need without continual research is a big mistake in my book. I love using research to strengthen or debunk assumptions, and it provides a much more concrete way to instantiate design decisions with stakeholders.

Happy users = sustainable businesses

I am a passionate believer in product-led and user-focused business strategies. Strong products that delight users make marketing and selling them much more efficient and genuine. Scalable, sustainable businesses are built from consistent, quality products.

the value I bring

Solid skills & a love of learning

UX Design

I have built up enough experience to know that "soft" skills are just as important as "hard" skills in the UX field! My current UX skills include:

    UX Design software (Figma is my favorite)

    Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, & Js

    End-to-end UX design process: User journeys, Personas, lofi/hifi mockups, prototyping

    Project management

    Stakeholder collaboration (& mediation)

    Agile collaboration (embedded & agency)

    Animation (After Effects)

UI Design

My philosophy is that a great UI is a reflection of a great design system. My current UI design skills include:

    Design system creation & maintenance (Figma)

    Technical UI integration

    Visual design expertise

    Typography expertise

    Mobile vs. desktop UI expertise

    Web accessibility best practices

    Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Xd)

UX Research

I believe UX Research is a necessity for creating successful products, keeping them cutting-edge, and reducing business risk. My current UX research skills include:

    User interviews and usability tests

    Survey design

    Qualitative analysis (thematic coding)

    Quantitative analysis (summary & inferential statistics)

    R, Python, Excel, Tableau, and ArcGIS for analysis

    A/B tests, tree tests and card sorts